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Dirk Herfurth

Personal Blog
Dirk from Germany,
Marketing since 1992,
Webhosting pioneer,
Unicorn Network Founding Member,
Co-Founder YEM Currency,
Onpassive Founder
RockĀ“n Roll Drummer

I trust something ingenious like Bitcoin ... only better!

I trust in one
digital everyday currency with

Regulated growth
Tax transperancy
Global market potential

... to name just a few features.

We are already over 1.1 million ...
... but the movement has only just begun.

Become a part of it now!
Together we strengthen trade and ensure prosperity - at home and around the world.

All information is of course free of charge and without obligation.
Just sign up below ... and off you go!

Power the revolution now!

All The Best,
Dirk Herfurth
fka SafezoneExpert

24/7 Assistance
Stephen Crossland

Hello from sunny England, I hope you will check out my links.
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jeffrey siewert

Hi I'm Jeff an internet marketer for over four years. I live in Las Vegas, married and i work in the casino industry for over eighteen years. Hobbies are raising lovebirds and the internet.

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